Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Power of Mothers

The phone rang this evening at the library information desk. The lady calling had a rather odd request. Her daughter was coming to the library to meet a friend for a study session. Daughter had borrowed Mum's car (yes, she was of driving age) and Mum needed to pass a message to her girl. Nothing earth-shattering, just a message about an item left in the vehicle. I was given a name and description of both the woman's daughter and the friend said daughter was meeting, with a request to please track the girl down and relay the message.

Sure enough, I found the two girls tucked in a corner, studying. Approaching the one who matched the woman's description of her daughter, I said "Excuse me, Sally*?"

Sally looked up at me with a mixture of confusion, fear and horror. "Um, yes?" I could imagine the thoughts thundering through her head in quick succession: Who is this stranger and how does she know my name? She looks like she works here, am I in trouble for something? Oh, no, has something terrible happened to someone I know?

I quickly placated her by saying "It's nothing bad! I just have a message from your mum." I gave her the message and watched the tension drain away, leaving just the confusion.

"Uh, OK, thanks," responded Sally, "but how did you know how to find me?"

I laughed as I walked away, saying "Sally, we mothers know EVERYTHING!"

*: Not her real name, for obvious reasons.


emma g said...

Now, why is it that people grow up to say the exact same things that used to drive them insane about their own mothers? It seems that as soon as a woman gives birth, she gives herself permission to use every tired cliché in the book.

Seriously. How is it that so many people forget what it’s like to be a teenager and always being treated with condescension by those who think they “know better” simply because they are older?

Canadian Girl said...

Hi Emma, thanks for visiting. I apologize if I offended you - that was not my intent. Nor did I mean to be condescending towards teenagers or anyone else. Apparently I need to work on my writing skills.

I merely was trying to express how resourceful someone can be if they really need to be, such as trying to find someone to relay a message. Had it been the mum at the library and the teenager calling with the message to relay, I probably would have said something to the mum along the lines of "Never underestimate the determination of a teenager." It was meant to be lighthearted.