Monday, January 28, 2008


Current temperature: -33 C. With wind chill: -48 C

Expected high today: -29 C

When I go to work later today, I may use my coffee break to go start Moby the van and run it for 10 minutes. There aren't any plug-ins at our outdoor parking lot so I can't plug in the block heater. I drove the kids to school today. We live close to the school (less than ten minutes' walk), but skin freezes in under two minutes at this temperature.


Anonymous said...

What's that in Fahrenheit?

Canadian Girl said...

-33 C = -27.4 F
-48 C = -54.4 F
-29 C = -20.2 F

Brutal, isn't it?

The anonymous therapist said...

I am so sorry. I am originally from the far northern US, so I can comprehend the pain of the extreme cold, although I have never felt anything like that.

Where I live now people get out the parka at around 50 F.

I laugh at them. You have my respect and my sympathy.

Canadian Girl said...

Thanks for popping in, Anonymous Therapist. Weather like this only happens once or twice a year, but I'm a winter weather wimp. No one would ever guess that I was born and raised here, the way I carry on. I just have to tough it out for a couple of days more, and then the forecast is calling for milder temperatures. Until then, every time I go outside I'll be bundled up to the eyeballs in layer upon layer!