Monday, January 28, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

A polite young man came into the library on this brutally cold evening to look for a few obscure items. I helped him search for a DVD. The library owns copies of this particular film, but our branch's copies were checked out and therefore unavailable. Since he needed it for tomorrow, requesting a copy from another branch (to be shipped to us, a two or three day prospect) wasn't an option. Next we tried to track down a couple of books, but either the library doesn't own these items or we had the titles or authors' names incorrect. I felt badly that I was unable to do much for him.

I showed this young man how to use other websites such as Google or Amazon to enhance his search, how to better use our online search on our library website (which he can do from home) and how to use resources such as NoveList on our E-Library. Finally, I showed him ways he can suggest book titles to our acquisitions department.

As he was leaving, the young man thanked me for my help and told me that every staff member he has ever dealt with in our branch has always been friendly and helpful. He said he'd like to commend us to our manager, but he couldn't give just one name: each and every one of us always goes that extra mile to assist him.

Wow. That gave me the warm fuzzies. Someone else might have complained because we didn't actually find a single book or DVD that was wanted. This fellow went away empty-handed but happy because he felt that we did our best to help, even though we weren't successful.

Add another tick to the "nice customer" column.


Kal said...

As an ex library assistant, I completely empathise with you! Those moments when you slog your guts out to fail to supply your customer with what they need make feeling like an 'information professional' very difficult!

Thanks for linking to me, always nice to meet new folk.


Kim Ayres said...

Just noticed the new avatar - is that you covered in chocolate?

Canadian Girl said...

Kal: Thanks for dropping in. I love your blog - keep up the great writing. We're not always successful in helping customers at the library, but it was nice to have such an understanding patron. They're not all like that.

Kim: You're quick! I just changed the photos on my blog and profile - I decided anonymity might be better since I tend to be writing about work lately. That's not me dipped in chocolate, it's a photo I found by putting "chocolate" in the Google Images search engine. I am a cocoa nut (bad pun, I know) and I like wine so I thought those pictures kind of summed things up nicely.