Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Things I Don't Need to See #2

I don't need to see a middle-aged man using a library computer (the one that is as far as it's possible to be from the staff at the information and check-out desks) to view pornography. Not only is this computer far from the desks, it's also right beside the program room where a children's storytime program had been held less than half an hour before.


Kim Ayres said...

The libraries round here have so many blocking programmes on them you'd struggle to find the mating habits of the earthworm because it might contain the word sex. Still, I would have thought viewing porn was against library rules. Maybe you should have a sign saying "Viewing porn sites automatically activates the webcam. Each month we will be posting pictures who activated it on the noticeboard"

EE said...


Canadian Girl said...

Kim: our library cards have three options: no internet access, filtered, or unfiltered. If you have filtered access, you wouldn't be able to do research on breast cancer. I still think our IT department could block some of the more obvious porn sites without causing problems for people. Viewing porn is definitely against library rules. This man was seen by a patron, not staff, and when he was approached by a supervisor he wasn't doing anything suspicious. He was warned and if he's caught again he'll be banned. I like your idea of public humiliation, though! Our local liquor store has a "Wall of Shame" with photos of shoplifters taken by their surveillance cameras.

EE: You're right, "ew" sums it up rather well.