Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Book Review #4

Yes, another book review. By now it should be apparent that I'd much rather read than do such mundane tasks as vacuuming, dusting and cleaning bathrooms.

I've recently finished Beach Road by James Patterson and Peter De Jonge. I'm not sure how two people can write a book together (do they sit together and brainstorm, typing as they go? do they send drafts back and forth to each other, each person rewriting the other's work? do they take turns writing chapters?) but these two have done it very well. This is another murder mystery, one of my favourite genres. It takes place in the Hamptons, where a multiple murder occurs and a young black man, Dante Halleyville is accused of the crime. A local attorney, a personal friend of both the murdered men and Dante, takes the case and is ostracised by the white locals as a result.

I wouldn't call this book classic literature, but it's extremely entertaining and (in my opinion) well written. The surprise ending was definitely surprising, yet it works - I never guessed who the real killer was - and fits with the rest of the book. James Patterson has a reputation for writing best-selling thrillers. It's well-deserved. I'm not familiar with De Jonge but if this book is any indication, I should read more of his work. If you like suspense, I'd recommend this book.

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