Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I get irritated reading the news articles on a local news website. The constant switching of "affect" and "effect", "course" and "coarse", etc., astounds me. Does no one know how to spell any more? This evening there was an article about a long-toed salamander, but it was spelled "long toad salamander". Arrgh!


Kim Ayres said...

The grammatical error that always sticks in my mind, primarily because my mother used to get into a rage with people on the TV who constatnly got it wrong, was when people said they had 2 choices, when actually they had one choice but 2 options. It is an incredibly common mistake, but I cannot help but hear it every time

Canadian Girl said...

Thanks, Kim! Now it's going to drive ME nuts every time I hear that 2 choices nonsense! That will rank right up there with "supposably" and "realator" instead of supposedly and realtor.