Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've been neglecting this blog lately. I'll try to be better. I wanted this blog to be about things that bring a smile to my face, not sad stuff. Unfortunately, it has been a sad week.

I'm now a single parent. My husband and I have separated and will be sharing custody. It's not what I wanted, but I didn't have a choice. We're determined to remain friendly for the kids' sakes, and to keep their best interests as our priority.

In order to ease the financial stress, I've taken a full-time job. I'll still work a shift every week or two at the library, but I'll now be working 40 hours a week at a regular day job so that I have my weekends and evenings free to be with the kids.

I'm very lucky to have a good group of supportive friends and my parents just a short drive away. In the past I've always prided myself on my self-sufficiency but I'm going to have to learn to ask for help when I need it.


Kim Ayres said...

Tough times :(

Make the most of the support networks you have.

Canadian Girl said...

Thanks, Kim. As I've mentioned before, I have a good group of friends - the best a girl could hope for. I just have to learn how to ask for help when I need it!

Kim Ayres said...

It's the asking which is important. It becomes too easy to think that a) you're ok really, and/or b) you don't want to burden them. Your true friends want to be able to help - don't forget

Canadian Girl said...

Thanks again, Kim. I do appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. I have a couple of friends who won't let me hide in my shell - they'll make sure I pull through this.