Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Just Learned Something Else

I learned that a wee little spider (maybe 1 cm across, toe to toe, if spiders had toes, which I know they don't, but you know what I mean) is capable of withstanding a speed of 75 km/hr while perched on a windshield without slipping, sliding, or going to that great big spiderweb in the sky. That little fella just hunkered down and hung on. I wondered if the force of the wind had killed him, but upon returning to a stop he perked right up and scurried across my windshield and down the side of Moby (my big white whale of a van).

I wish I could find winter boots that grip the ice the same way those little spider legs gripped the glass.


SeaSpray said...

Resilient little critter. Ugh...I know they are necessary but I hate spiders.

I also have a white van but our minivan days are over and so will be trading it in when I go back to work.

Came in really handy.

Thanks for stopping by earlier. I checked and now that brain video is working. Wonder why that happened. I will have to keep track.

Canadian Girl said...

I thought for sure the wind would blow the little guy away, but I was wrong. Thankfully I'm OK with spiders. They eat the annoying bugs such as mosquitoes.

Thanks for letting me know the video link on your blog is working now. I wonder what I did wrong the first time.