Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yay - I'm Not a Complete Idiot

A successful shift at the library info desk in my new job.

I helped an older gentleman find books he needed and even got him signed up for a couple of (free) classes. He asked for computer books for absolute beginners - simpler than "Computers for Dummies" - and he was pleased to hear that not only did we have some, but also they are very popular books. It made him feel better to know there are others in the same boat as he. When I explained that we have computer classes for seniors who have never touched computers before, his eyes lit up. He told me how he wants to be able to email his grandchildren. That one gave me the warm fuzzies.

A little later, a nice man with an adorable toddler came in looking for travel books. They are leaving in two days and he was hoping to find books about their destination. I found a couple of books for him and then determined that a nearby branch had a different book that would be even better. I asked him if he was able to drive to the other branch (there wouldn't be enough time before his trip to put the book on hold and have it shipped to us) and he said yes. When I phoned the other branch, they informed me they had an another book (in addition to the one I requested) that looked perfect. I had them put both books aside for him and was gratified to see his grin when I told him about the books. I hope they have a wonderful vacation.

I don't have any shifts scheduled between Christmas and New Year's, but I told my supervisor I'm available. Hopefully I'll get some more experience then, while the library is a little quieter, and lose the "deer in the headlights" look which has been on my face the last few weeks!


Scott said...

You'll get better at it! Every new job takes some time to learn! I remember being horrified at the thousands of different key blanks hanging off the walls that I had to learn before I could be a locksmith.

Canadian Girl said...

Thanks, Scott. Every job has a learning curve, and I kind of doubted myself after spending 12 years at home raising kids. It's great to be using my brain and feeling useful again.