Monday, December 24, 2007

Chef in Training

My 10 year old son made breakfast this morning. Made the coffee, made pancake batter (with some assistance from me, but mostly on his own), and cooked them without burning either the pancakes or himself! I acted as consultant/overseer in the kitchen, but I'm very proud of him. School isn't a strong point with him and it's nice to see him feeling good about an accomplishment.

He wanted blueberry pancakes but we didn't have enough frozen blueberries. Solution: blueberries and chocolate chips. Yum! Not the healthiest, perhaps, but c'mon - it's Christmas Eve morning! Besides, my kids' favourite topping for pancakes is yogurt. Today's yogurt was strawberry, very nice with blueberries and chocolate chips, and healthier than syrup.

It's nice to see my kids learning their way around the kitchen. At least I know they won't starve when they move out!

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