Friday, March 28, 2008

Warm Fuzzies II

Last night, working at my usual library branch, I had a customer who required some help getting set up on one of the library computers. He was very kind and polite and I was happy to help him when he required assistance a few times throughout the evening.

Towards closing time, I noticed him waiting in line at the information desk. I was with another customer and assumed another staff member would be able to assist him. As I returned to the desk from the non-fiction section, I saw this man standing and chatting with two staff members but it seemed he was waiting for me. I jogged over and apologized for keeping him waiting, asking if I could help him further. (I thought that perhaps he wanted my help, since I had been the one assisting him earlier.) He smiled and said that no, he was finished for the night but wanted to thank me before leaving. He also stated that he has never been in another place of business where the employees take such pride in their work. Wow - what a sweet thing to say. But damn, why's the Big Boss never around to hear these things?

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