Thursday, March 13, 2008

Speed Demon

Yesterday morning I thought I had the day off work. As I sat in my jammies after getting the kids out the door and off to school, I pondered all the things I could do. I decided I would shovel out (a.k.a. "tidy") my craft room and sit down to do some quilting. I haven't sat at my sewing machine in quite a while, yet it's something I really enjoy.

Just as I was finishing my coffee, the phone rang. It was Big Boss at my library branch, asking if I could fill in for someone who had called in sick. "Sure," I replied. "What time do you need me?"

"Can you be here by ten?" she asked.

I glanced at my watch - it was 9:25 am. "Um, OK. See you in half an hour." Holy crap! I was still in my jammies with my hair sticking out in six different directions! I sprang off my chair and pelted up the stairs, slapped on some makeup, threw on some clothes, scrubbed my teeth and was out the door. Thank goodness I live less than a five-minute drive from work!


Kim Ayres said...

You should have gone to work in your jammies and wild hair - I'm sure it would have generated a greater level of conversation with the public :)

Canadian Girl said...

I know the customers and my co-workers would have loved seeing me with bed head, but I don't think Big Boss would have shared their amusement. She doesn't even wear jeans on Casual Fridays.

SeaSpray said...

Wow! I couldn't have done it. Impressive. :)

Canadian Girl said...

SeaSpray, I didn't think I could do it either. Amazing what a little incentive - like a phone call from the Big Boss - will do to a girl!