Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food is Better Eaten than Worn

With some help from her parental units, my 12-yr-old created a six course dinner this evening. Fabulous. From the appetizer, through the soup and salad, sorbet, main course and dessert, it was all wonderful. The boys learned how to handle a table with six times the usual amount of cutlery and had a blast drinking milk out of wine glasses. Let's just say the white wine was very white! Poor table manners are one of my pet peeves and I'm glad my kids are learning how to eat properly.

One minor drawback to the culinary experience: as my husband was bringing the pan of chicken manicotti in cream sauce to the table, he tipped it accidentally. At least I hope it was an accident! My shoulder ended up covered in cream sauce - very hot cream sauce - and of course I was wearing a sleeveless top. Lots of cold water and a couple of leaves off my aloe vera plant later, I have a red and tender shoulder but no blisters. On a positive note: I got out of cleaning up the mess because I was cleaning up myself!

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