Monday, December 15, 2008

Aussies on Ice

I took my kids skating at a nearby ice rink this evening. We had lots of fun, even though none of us is a fabulous skater. While circling the ice in pursuit of my boys, I saw a young couple holding hands while skating. The young lady, a Canadian, was a much better skater than her Australian sweetheart. At one point she dropped his hand to skate ahead, turn with her camera and take his photo.

"C'mon, honey, smile!" I heard her say to him.

His reply - in a thick Australian accent: "I can't skate and smile simultaneously!"


Kim Ayres said...

Doesn't any woman realise most men can't multitask?

Saffa Chick said...

Heh heh - that's very Aussie.

Canadian Girl said...

It was such a huge effort for him to stay upright, I don't think he felt much like smiling anyway!