Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exceeds Expectations

Life since my ex left me has had its ups and downs, but lately things have been up, in general. There have been problems, like my 13-year-old daughter wanting to live with her dad (a decision fueled, I believe, by the fact that discipline in his house is considerably more lax than in mine) but I'll get through them in time.

My performance review at my full-time day job took place on Friday, August 8th. (08-08-08 if you're superstitious and believe in the Asian "lucky number 8".) My overall review rating was "exceeds expectations". I was thrilled.

This past month of my life has also exceeded expectations. I have met a wonderful man who understands the mess my world has been recently, yet he's interested in me anyway. He's not scared off by the existence of my four children: he has met them a number of times; they like him and he likes them. I'm sure my friends will think of him as the "rebound guy", following so closely on the heels of the dissolution of my marriage, but neither he nor I think of things that way. I warned him when I met him that I had enough baggage to fill a transatlantic airplane. His response? "When you're ready, I'll help you unload that airplane one bag at a time." My rating for him is, for obvious reasons, "exceeds expectations".

UPDATE: A photo taken by this wonderful man:


Kim Ayres said...

Great news! Now where's his blog...?


Canadian Girl said...

Kim, he doesn't have a blog. He is, however, an amateur photographer and I think his pictures are quite amazing. I'll see if I can share one or two here.

Saffa Chick said...

Oh that's wonderful ;-). I was getting worried about you, but it sounds like you're fine!

Rebound shmebound. If it works it works, who cares about timing!

Canadian Girl said...

Thanks, Saffa Chick! Your support is greatly appreciated. :-)

The "new man" makes me happy, we have fun together, and he's very supportive of my need to put my children first.

SeaSpray said...

His comment was really sweet and reassuring. :)

8 is also the Biblical number for new beginnings. :)