Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things I Don't Need to See #4

I sat down this evening to read a cookbook I had taken out of the library. (Yes, I read cookbooks like novels.) I was disgusted to find that more than a dozen pages had been cut out of the cookbook.

If you like the recipes that much, there are three options:
1. write out the recipes
2. photocopy the recipes
3. buy your own copy of the book
When did defacing a library book become an option?


keepbreathing said...

People have no respect for books any more. It makes me sad that people would even consider this an option...unreal.

Canadian Girl said...

Keepbreathing: welcome and thanks for commenting. I was shocked to find those pages missing. Unreal is right: I would never have even thought of doing such a thing to a book, even if I owned it!