Friday, November 23, 2007

How OCD Starts

Overheard as a mother and preschool daughter are walking through the library, past the washrooms on their way to the Program Room for storytime:

Little girl: "Mummy, I want to wash my hands."

Mother: "No, sweetie, we washed your hands at home before we came. Let's go to storytime."

Little girl: "Nooooo! Wash hands! Wash hands now!"

Mother: "We'll be late for story time. We can wash your hands afterwards."

Little girl: "NO! NO! NO! I WANT TO WASH MY HANDS!"

I don't know if the mother held firm or capitulated.


Kim Ayres said...

The other week I was on the train watching this young mother feeding her wee girl, who couldn't have been more than 18 months old, chocolate, potato chips and more chocolate. Then she started tickling her belly saying "who's got a fat little belly then?"

And you wonder why so many people grow up with a confused attitude to food and body image

Canadian Girl said...

I'm with you, Kim. Where I live, it seems every activity for children must have a snack time included. Honestly, people, kids are able to go for more than an hour without eating high fat, high sugar, nutritionally vacant pseudofood! And why do most rewards for achievements involve food? Everyone in class turned in their library books on time - lollies at recess. The class who raises the most funds for new sports jerseys - pizza party at lunch. What message are we sending?